LAHORE, Jul 21 (APP):Chairman Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) Imran Khan said on Saturday that PTI was struggling for a new and respectable Pakistan to secure bright future of our young generation.
Addressing a public meetings during his election campaign here at Joray Pul and Shalamar areas, he said he wanted such a Pakistan where foreigners come for employment instead of a Pakistan,
where people queued up to get other countries’ visas to have jobs there. “We want such a Pakistan, which provides aid to poor countries as well as restoration of Pakistani passport’s credibility
in the world”, he added.
He assured that if elected to the government, the PTI would put Pakistan on its own feet and make Pakistanis a great nation.
“A changed and developed Pakistan is my dream for which the youth is playing an eminent role to bring this positive change here and made PTI a success story”, he mentioned.
Imran Khan said Nawaz Sharif’s conviction had brought a great revolution in Pakistan and now its PML-N cronies’ turn, asserting that police had registered the Ephedrine case against Hanif Abbasi of PML-N seven years ago and awarding of life term to the guilty proved another epoch day for the country. He said if he (Imran Khan) could not form the government, he would sit on the opposition benches in the parliament, asserting that N-League President Shehbaz Sharif had realized that if he (Shehbaz)
lost the election, then he would go nowhere but in Adiyala Jail.
“Shehbaz Sharif; Adiyala Jail is awaiting you”, he said and continued that Nawaz Sharif’s sons were denying their nationality as Pakistanis, and Khawaja Saad Rafique was involved in Paragon City (housing society) scandal.
He argued that how come it was possible for a country to progress, where the rulers plundered the national exchequer and stashed the looted money to other countries, asserting that past rulers had
been looting the tax money and made huge borrowing, which not only pushed the people into sheer poverty but also burdened them to return those foreign loans.
Imran Khan added that unfortunately, the past rulers instead of getting the nation on their own feet; introducing reforms; strengthening the institutions and ensuring supremacy of the Constitution and law of the land, had bowed down to others, took heavy loans and lost their dignity and respect, and brought
ignominy and shame to the Pakistani nation.
He said Lahore alone had been getting Rs 300 billion annually, adding people must know that out of this Rs 300 billion, the past ruler had spent on how many public schools’ up-gradation and how many universities had been established; how many people had been provided clean drinking water.
Imran Khan alleged that Sharifs had made Lahore as their den. He was of the view that Lahorites’ tendency of voting sets the tendency of voting in entire Punjab and subsequently, Punjab’s election tendency decides about the voting trend in whole Pakistan.
He appealed to the Lahorites to get ready and continue with the same spirit of bringing about a visible change on July 25, 2018 by supporting and voting the PTI. “Together, we have to win the match (election) of 25th July”, he asserted.
Imran Khan said upcoming general election would be a great opportunity for the people to get rid of those looting and plundering the country’s recourse and public money for the last 30 years.