PTI protest movement aimed at getting power: Musadik


ISLAMABAD, Aug 19 (APP): Spokesman to the Prime Minister Musadik Malik Friday said protest movement of Pakistan Tehreek i Insaf (PTI) was not for accountability but to grab power.

Talking to PTV, he said PTI chief Imran Khan was maligning
national institutions and personalities to his craze to get power, and his attitude was weakening the institutions and democracy.

He said it should be clear on PTI leadership that they can
only come into government through the power of vote. It should be a matter of concern for PTI that their popularity graph was declining speedily and recent public gathering was its proof.

Musadik Malik said the government welcome the references
filed by the opposition parties as they were using legal and constitutional ways to resolve the issue. If PTI had gone to Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), it should also have
trusted in it and waited for the decision.

On one side PTI had filed petition against the government
while on other side they have launched protest movement, he said and added that they should wait for the decision of ECP and then use right to protest.

He said in the past, PTI leaders had demanded for a Judicial
commission to investigate rigging allegations but they failed to present any evidence there and could not prove anything.

Musadik said if PTI was sincere to improve electoral
process, it should have participated actively in Electoral Reforms Committee of the Parliament.

He questioned the PTI leadership that if they wanted across the board accountability, then why they did not take any action against corruption scandals unearthed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) government.