PTI playing negative role in country’s politics since 2013:Talal

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ISLAMABAD, Oct 24 (APP):Minister of State for Interior Talal Chaudhry Tuesday said Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf had been playing negative role in country’s politics since 2013 by staging sit-ins and lock-down to disrupt the elected government.
PTI chief Imran Khan only praised decisions of the courts and Elections Commission (EC) which were in his favor, otherwise he had been criticizing the national institutions and their verdicts,he said talking to a private news channel.
He said Imran Khan who always give lectures against corruption and for rule of law, cases were also pending against him for many wrong doings and the PML-N would bring it before the people.
Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) had majority in the National Assembly and can make legislation whenever it wanted, he said.
The minister said there could be difference of opinion on many issues but there was no division in the party and PML-N was united under the leadership of Muhmmad Nawaz Sharif.
He said the entire party wanted Nawaz Sharif to lead them and the people of the country always voted him due to his people friendly policies.
Talal Chaudhry said the PML-N’s stance was rule of law in the country and that all institutions should work in their constitutional domain.
He said said former prime minister never adopted wanted confrontation and despite having reservations, implemented decision of Supreme Court.