KARACHI, Jul 22 (APP):Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan Sunday assured the business community that he would formulate short and long-term business friendly policies with institutional reforms, if voted to power on July 25.
He said he was there to convey a message that after the success of PTI in the election, he and his team would make serious efforts to strengthen economy and extend maximum support to the private sector.
Addressing members of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry here, Imran claimed that the PTI government would work on the national agenda of social and economic uplift of the country, not like the other parties, whose leadership pursued their personal agenda and interests.
He referred to the success stories of Dr Mahatir Muhammad of Malaysia, Erdogan of Turkey and Nelson Mandela of Africa.
He alleged that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and the Pakistan Peoples’ Party leadership used their party governments for promoting their businesses and increasing their wealth. On the other hand, after forming the government he and his cabinet members would not be involved in any business or other activity which was aimed at earning money, he claimed.
He said Pakistan was rich in resources and only their exploitation and better management was required. The PTI government would transform the country into a progressive, modern and welfare state, he added.
The PTI chief said unemployment was the number one issue of the country, which could be resolved through better economic planning and policies with focus on rapid growth of industry by the private sector.
He said it was dire need to bring reforms in national institutions, especially in the Federal Board of Revenue which had failed to deliver. It had generated revenue by squeezing the business community instead of providing incentives to trade and industry for economic prosperity in the country.
Imran said the country would not forward unless there was a good governance and merit prevailed.
He said the PTI government would construct five million low cost houses in the country with the help of private sector. It would also give boost to 50 other industries.
” We will encourage setting up of small construction companies to accomplish this task,” he said.
He recounted his party’s achievements in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa especially in education, health sectors and reforming the police.
Imran Khan said he was alive to Karachi’s social and economic issues. The city lacked ownership from major political parties in Sindh. However, his party would not only provide it ownership but would turn it into the best international city on the pattern of main cities of advanced countries. Like London, Karachi should have a directly elected mayor, he added.
Karachi, he said, had big potential and had been contributing a lot towards the country’s prosperity.
The PTI chief urged the business community to be vocal against wrong policies or actions harming the country’s economy and interests. He assured full support to them on their genuine issues.
The KCCI leadership apprised the PTI chief of the issues confronting the trade and industry.