PTDC making efforts to promote ‘Religious Tourism’

ISLAMABAD, Nov 28 (APP):Pakistan Tourism Development
Corporation (PTDC) is making efforts to promote religious tourism
in the country.

Managing Director of Pakistan Tourism Development
Corporation (PTDC) Abdul Ghafoor told APP that religious tourism
could promote the country’s soft image, besides generating
economic activity.

He said the corporation was putting efforts to attract the
tourists from Buddhist countries, Sikh and Hindus from across the

He said Pakistan had one of the best archaeological and
historical sites in the world.

He said that Pakistan was famous for its Indus Valley
civilisation sites at Moenjodaro and Harappa.

Buddhist Civilisation at Taxila, Swat and Takht Bai were of
great interest for tourists from Japan, Korea, Thailand and other
countries, he said adding there are prehistoric sites in the
Potohar region.

He said that Pakistan had immense tourism potential as its
rich and diverse culture was quite attractive for foreign

Festivals like Shandoor, Sibi mela, Besakhi and Urs at
Shabaz Qalandar attract thousands of domestic as well as foreign

He said that tourism sector was picking up as the law and
order situation had improved.