Protest outside White House condemned Indian atrocities on innocent Kashmiris

Protest outside White House condemned Indian atrocities on innocent Kashmiris

WASHINGTON, May 23 (APP): A large protest rally was held outside the
White House to condemn ongoing Indian brutalities on the Kashmiri people as the Kashmiri leaders from the Occupied Kashmir called on the world leaders to play their role in finding a lasting solution to the issue.
Hundreds of protesters, including women and children, raised anti-India
slogans and demanded that the United Nations must assure right of self-determination to the Kashmiri people. They shouted slogan such as “Kashmiri Lives Matter Too” “Kashmir in Pain: India in Shame” “Indian Forces: Out of Kashmir” “Demilitarize Kashmir” “U.N. Implement Resolutions on Kashmir” “Stop Forced Disappearances and Torture in Kashmir”.
The protesters also held candle light vigil on the sidewalk of the White
Speaking on the occasion, Syed Ali Geelani, said it was better for
Indian authorities to shun its stubborn approach and resolve this long pending issue. “The Indian army is unleashing a new wave of terror, killing dozens and maiming hundreds of unarmed protesters, utilizing bullets and lethal pellet-guns aimed to kill and maim.”
Mr. Geelani expressed the hope that a new dawn of prosperity, peace and stability will be guaranteed when the Kashmir dispute is resolved to the satisfaction of the people of Kashmir.
Kashmiri leader, Mohammad Yasin Malik, who was ‘Guest of Honor’ thanked the people for expressing solidarity with the people of Kashmir.
He said that Indian army has unleased the worst kind of oppression on
the Kashmiri people, who are being killed, maimed, blinded, incarcerated, tortured and humiliated by the occupational forces.
Mr. Malik regretted that the civilized world, including the United
States, was silent on the ongoing atrocities being carried out by the Indian troops with impunity. “Not a single word has been uttered by them against human rights violations taking place in Kashmir,” he said.
Barrister Sultan Mehmood Choudhary, a Kashmir leader from AJK, warned the prevailing tension in the Indian-held Kashmir could explode and lead to a conflict. He urged the international community to help resolve the Kashmir dispute for the sake of peace and stability in South Asia.
Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, a US-based Kashmir leader, said that the Kashmiri
people were not just being denied their right to freedom of speech, but they are being denied the right to live. He said that the United States can help the people of Kashmir achieve peace, freedom and self-determination.
Dr. Imtiaz Khan, President, Kashmiri American council supported dialogue process between India and Pakistan to settle the Kashmir dispute, but emphasized that the leadership of the people of Kashmir must be made integral part of the process.
Several other Kashmiri leaders and representatives also spoke on the