Promotion of tourism industry to contribute for country’s economy: President

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ISLAMABAD, Sep 26 (APP): President Mamnoon Hussain has

said the federal and provincial governments were taking
effective measures for the development of tourist sites and
promotion of tourism.
“These efforts will help in gearing up our tourism
industry to become a major sector of national economy in the
near future. By focusing on the international best practices
of sustainable tourism, we can ensure long lasting socio-
economic development which can in turn bring a positive change
for the people of Pakistan,” he said in a message on the
occasion of World Tourism Day being celebrated across globe on
September 27.
He said promotion of tourist activities help strengthen
the national economies and put countries on the road to
progress and development.
“Tourism also helps in promotion of soft image of a
country at international level and brings the people of
different parts of the world closer to each other by fostering
a better understanding for the foreign cultures and way of
life,” he added.
The president noted that it was a matter of great
pleasure to know that people around the world were celebrating
World Tourism Day which served to remind that the beautiful
planet should be protected, preserved and looked after in
order to fully enjoy the bounties it offered.
The theme selected for this year’s World Tourism Day
“Sustainable Tourism – a Tool for Development” was very
appropriate and timely as in the present age it has become
very important to incorporate the principles of sustainability
in all development work at national, provincial or local
levels, he observed.
The president underlined that a great threat to the
promotion of tourism was the phenomenon of climatic change.
Realizing the adverse environmental impacts, the
developed nations had taken lead by creating awareness and
encouraging energy conservation practices, besides switching
over to renewable energy.
“The day, therefore, is an appropriate occasion to call
upon the developed nations, governments and the tourists to
assist the developing countries in promoting clean energy,
energy conservation practices and reducing carbon emissions,”
he added.
The president also extended his felicitation to the
United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Pakistan
Tourism Development Corporation and all stakeholders from
public and private sector for their dedication and
extraordinary efforts for the promotion of tourism at global,
regional, national, provincial and local levels.