Press Council of Pakistan promotes free, responsible press: Dr. Mengal


ISLAMABAD, Sep 11 (APP): Chairman Pakistan Press Council (PPC) Dr M Salah-ud-Din Mengal Monday said Press Council of Pakistan was
playing an active role to safeguard the freedom of expression and
ensuring adherence to the parameters of a free and responsible press
in Pakistan.
He was addressing the general meeting of Press Council of
Pakistan held here.
Chairman Press Council of Pakistan presided over the meeting.
The council constituted a five member Appellate Committee for
hearing appeal against the decisions of Inquiry Commission on the
complaints regarding violation of Code of Ethics by some newspapers.
It may be mentioned here that Islamabad High Court has filed
an appeal against a National Daily Newspaper, which will be taken by
the Committee in its first meeting.
The council expressed concern over the delay in issuing
notification of some members of Press Council of Pakistan, which is
pre-requisite for the smooth functioning of Press Council of
Discussing the establishment of Zonal offices of Press Council
of Pakistan at provincial level, the Council observed that a large
number of dailies and periodicals are being published in regional
languages and there is a urgent need to establish Zonal office of
Press Council of Pakistan at provincial level, as required in Press
Council of Pakistan Ordinance, 2002.
The council also discussed the budgetary allocation of Press
Council of Pakistan for the year 2017-18.
Terming the funds allocated to Press Council of Pakistan as
insufficient to meet its actual requirement, the Council urged the
Federal Government to provide additional funds to Press Council of
Pakistan to meet its administrative and professional obligations.
The members appreciated the endeavors of Chairman and role of
Press Council of Pakistan in creating awareness among general public
on the issues of national importance. They also appreciated the
proceedings of Inquiry Commission Islamabad.
The meeting was attended by Mujeeb-Ur-Rehman Shami, Qazi Asad
Abid, Amir Mehmood, Anwar Sajidi, Muhammad Ibrahim Khan, Nasir
Zaidi, Iqbal Jaffri, Khurshid Tanveer, Shah Jahan Syed, Ayesha
Ikram, Maria Iqbal Tarana and senior officials of Press Council of