President Xi, PM Modi did not hold bilateral meeting in Hamburg-Chinese FO

BEIJING, July 10 (APP): A Chinese Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson said
on Monday that no bilateral meeting took place between Chinese President Xi Jinping and
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Hamburg during the G20 Summit.
As far as I know, President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Modi did not
hold a bilateral meeting, Geng Shuang told reporters during his regular press briefing here.
When asked about Indian government’s claim of discussing a range of
concerns between President Xi and Prime Minister Modi, he said, the two leaders did not
have a bilateral meeting in Hamburg.
As for concerns the two sides, I believe everyone knows that the
greatest concern is the illegal trespassing of Indian border troops. We ask these people
to immediately retreat to their side, which is the prerequisite and basis for any meaningful
dialogue, he added
The spokesperson said as for the Donglang issue, China has said multiple
times that the immediate withdrawal of Indian troops who committed trespassing back
to the Indian side of the border comes before any meaningful talk.
When his attention was drawn about reports that Indian troops at the
Doklam area are preparing for the long haul and there is no sign of withdraw and the
supplies lines are open for the troops and it appears that India is also looking for a
diplomatic solution with China, he said if these reports turn out to be true, they just
attest to the fact that the illegal trespassing of the Indian border troops was organized
and premeditated as a deliberate act to disrupt the status quo in the Sikkim section.
If the Indian troops are preparing for the long term with no intention
to leave, then how can there be room for diplomatic solutions, he questioned.
Geng Shuang said that China has been reiterating that India went against
the basic norms guiding international relations and the international order, and severely
undermined peace and stability along the China-India border region.
India should immediately withdraw its people without any condition. That
comes before any substantial dialogue. The diplomatic channels between the two sides
are open, but we would like to see some real efforts and concrete actions from the
Indian side, he added.
Responding to a question that if India pulls out the troops, will China
also stop its attempts to build roads, he said it is legitimate and legal for China to carry
out normal constructions on its own territory, and in this case, it is building roads in
India trampled on international law and infringed on China’s territorial
sovereignty by illegally entering into China’ territory, citing our normal construction work
as security concerns for them, he said.
We ask India to immediately withdraw its troops to the Indian side of
the China-India border,” he added.