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ISLAMABAD, Aug 24 (APP): President Mamnoon Hussain on
Wednesday emphasized on the importance of projecting Pakistan as a moderate, peace loving and progressive Islamic state, and removing misperception about it.
Talking to a delegation of press officers of Information
Group posted to various missions abroad, the President said
the role of press officers was important in highlighting the country’s achievements in economic and social spheres.
The President noted that media had a central role in
diplomacy and with the revolution in information and
communication technology, its significance had further
He said with world becoming a global village, the social
media had turned common man into a journalist. Hence, he said, heavy responsibility lied on press officers in projecting
government’s policies and protecting national interests.
“Your top priority should be to project Pakistan as a
democratic, moderate and peaceful state which desires friendly relations with all its neighbours,” the President told the press officers.
The President said the people of Pakistan and its civil
society are peace loving and humanitarian, adding that
Pakistan’s ratio of public charity to GDP was highest in the
He said Pakistan was the biggest victim of terrorism and
lost more than 60,000 lives in war against terrorism and
He expressed his satisfaction at the successes achieved
in operation Zarb e Azb and expressed his conviction that
complete success would soon be achieved in eradicating this
menace from the country.
The President called for highlighting Kashmir issue as
an international dispute, which should be resolved in
accordance with the aspirations of the people of Kashmir and
in the light of UN resolutions.
“Pakistan fully supports Kashmiri people in their
struggle for right to self determination and expects from
international community to play its role in halting gross
human rights violations by Indian security forces in Kashmir,”
the President underscored.
He directed the press officers to highlight the true
context of Kashmir issue and non fulfillment of the UN
resolutions and pledges by India.
President Mamnoon Hussain said democracy was
strengthening in the country with media enjoying freedom and women being encouraged to acquire education and play role in nation building.
He said the civil society was playing a very active role
in the country which was paving way for a very constructive
change in the society.
President Mamnoon Hussain said the country’s economy was improving as a result of sound economic policies and urged the officers to highlight investor friendly policies of the
government to attract foreign investment.
The President stated that China Pakistan Economic
Corridor project would transform not only Pakistan but the
whole region.
“With the completion of energy projects, the country
would get rid of load shedding by 2018,” the President asserted.
The President hoped that press officers would work with
dedication and utilize all their abilities in furthering the
interests of Pakistan at their places of posting.
He wished the officers well in discharge of their new