President urges nation to extend full cooperation in 6th national census

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ISLAMABAD, Mar 15 (APP): President Mamnoon Hussain has urged the nation to extend full cooperation for the successful holding of 6th national housing and population census, which started on Wednesday.
“Census is an important national obligation, which should be fulfilled by all without any grouping’s, political and non political compulsions,” the President said in a recorded video message telecast by Pakistan Television.
He said since the 6th national housing and population had started in the country, it was the national obligation of all to make it a success.
The President highlighted the fact that correct population numbers were vital for the provision of basic life amenities to the masses and effective future planning.
That was why, he added, it was responsibility of the whole nation to provide correct information to the census staff, who as part of their duty, would visit their houses.
The President said during this process all and correct information about children, elderly, men, women, ailing and even handicapped should be provided so that the state and government could confidently fulfil their responsibility of public welfare.
He said as the successful holding of population census, which was an important national obligation, could be achieved only through elated cooperation with the designated staff, “I expect from every individual of this nation to welcome the census staff and provide them with the correct information”.
The President assured that all the information about every home and family would be kept secret, adding, in this respect all the relevant staff had been given special training and they were under oath to protect such information.
“What are our national needs?; on which direction, our economy should move and grow?; and how the people will get the rights to education, health and employment?, answers to all these questions depend on the correct population numbers,” he maintained.
“Let us protect our future by collecting the true national population numbers. May Allah Almighty bless us all.
Ameen,” the President concluded.