APP48-21 ISLAMABAD: February 21 - President Mamnoon Hussain addressing during his visit to female campus of International Islamic University. APP

ISLAMABAD, Feb 21 (APP): President Mamnoon Hussain on Tuesday said extremist mindset and terrorism had left painful imprints on humanity and called upon the Muslim scholars to foster positive impression about Islam as a religion of peace.
Addressing at International Islamic University’s women campus here, the President said Islam ensures welfare of humanity and those misinterpreting its glorious teachings and fanning hatred, were a disgrace to humanity.
The President stressed the need for redefining the intellectual basis of Islamic Ummah in line with the current geo-political situation.
He said it was the responsibility of the Ummah to refrain from sectarianism and protect the peace of world.
He also emphasized on devising the educational curriculum to effectively cater to the needs of changing world.
The President mentioned that media was unnecessarily promoting the practice of ostentatious display of wealth and luxury in society.
He urged upon the Muslim scholars to guide the media
representatives in promoting correct perspective.
President Mamnoon expressed satisfaction that Islamic International University was the first of its kind in Islamic world which had the objective of preparing intellectuals who could not only safeguard the intellectual basis of Islam, but lead the Islamic world.
He said the role of teachers and students was
significant in highlighting the true perspective of Islam.
The President said Muslim Ummah and Pakistan was facing
difficult times at present and the negative projection of
events by media was creating problems.
He said the situation was resulting into economic imbalance in the society.
He asked the girl students to achieve as much higher
education, however urged upon them to never compromise on
their self-respect and their identity as a Pakistani woman.