President stresses efforts for country’s socio-economic development


ISLAMABAD, Mar 23 (APP):President Dr Arif Alvi said that Pakistan had overcome the challenges of extremism and terrorism however the country was yet to make efforts for excelling on social and economic fronts.

In his message to the nation on National Day being observed on Saturday, the president said Pakistan had successfully faced extraordinary challenges. The nation had always shown steadfastness and got success against terrorism and extremism.

The president said the nation was resolved for democracy, justice and peace. The country was rich with great potential for having manpower and natural resources.

“Our destination is to achieve an ideal democratic state which was dreamed by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammd Ali Jinnah,” he remarked.

He urged the nation to make a resolve for forging unity and discipline to make Pakistan a stronger and prosperous country.

President Alvi said March 23 was a day when the Muslims of the subcontinent had announced to get united to launch their democratic movement for a separate homeland to live a life based on justice, equality and freedom.

“On the National Day, we pay tribute to the sacrifices and struggle of the founders of Pakistan. We also reiterate our resolve to remain adhered to the principles which are the basis of the ideology of Pakistan,” the president remarked.