ISLAMABAD, Jan 24 (APP): President Mamnoon Hussain on Tuesday
stressed formulating an education system keeping in view its
coherence with national objectives.
Addressing the National conference on examination system here at the
Allama Iqbal Open University, the President said a strong
educational foundation could help the students effectively deal with
the challenges of life.
The President said Matric and Intermediate are an important
stages in a student’s life and can make or break his or her future.
He pointed that prevailing examination system in the country
was based on testing the children’s capability by their memory
instead of judging them by their knowledge and skills.
He observed the current education and examination system were
disseminating information only rather than encouraging the students
find new avenues of knowledge by using research methods.
He called for in-depth analysis of the current examination
system and stressed the need to point out its weaknesses and bring
forward proposals for its improvement.
The President emphasized on addressing the issues faced by
students every year during examinations, particularly complaints
about post-result alterations, sub-standard checking and missing of
roll number slips.
He said avoiding resolution of such issues could create despondency in
students, the negative effects of which does not restrict to
education and examination system only, but also leaves impact on
national life as well.
President Mamnoon termed the educational experts dealing with
the sensitive matters of examinations and results as equally
important as doctors and soldiers.
He called for making continuous improvement in examination
system by learning from the experiences of modern world and to make
it more practical.
The President said the objective of education is to groom the
new generation in a way so as to prepare them serve the country and
Those nations were successful that kept national objectives
foremost in the upbringing of their children, he added.
He regretted that the current syllabus lacked giving knowledge
to students about national and global history, geography and values.
The President said earlier governments wasted precious time of
the nation by paying no heed to development projects particularly
related to energy, education and health.
He said the country’s internal and external debt amounted to
Rs 6,700 in 2008 which climbed upto Rs 14,800 billion at the time
present government assumed office.
He said a bright future was awaiting Pakistan as the
government had launched several development projects of dams,
nuclear energy and alternative energy of wind and solar.
The President gave away shields to Federal Minister for Inter-
provincial coordination Riaz Hussain Pirzada, Secretary Ministry of
Inter-provincial Coordination Raja Nadir Ali, Vice Chancellor Allama
Iqbal Open University Dr Shahid Siddiqi and Secretary Inter Board
Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) Muhammad Ramzan Achakzai.