APP77-31 ISLAMABAD: May 31 – President Mamnoon Hussain caresses a child on the occasion of International Orphan’s Day at the Aiwan-e-Sadar. APP

ISLAMABAD, May 31 (APP):President Mamnoon Hussain Thursday advised the orphan children not consider themselves inferior to anyone rather earn distinction by excelling in education and character to play an active role for human development.
The president said this while addressing an Iftar reception he hosted for the orphan children at Aiwan-e-Sadr from across the country.
The reception was also attended by Country Director Turk Cooperation and Coordination Mahmat Emre and Chairman Pakistan Orphan Care Forum Mian Abdul Shakoor.
The president mixed up with the children and showed affection to them.
He said Pakistani society and the government were aware of their responsibilities for the welfare of orphan children and taking all measures to enable them play active role in society.
The president lauded the parliament’s decision to observe 15th of holy month of Ramzan as a ‘Day of Orphan Children’ in Pakistan, like other countries of the Islamic world.
He said the institutions and individuals playing a role in this regard deserved applause.
He said the objective of celebrating the day was to renew this pledge at the national level and realize the society that orphan children were the most valuable assets of the country with whom the nation had high hopes.
He viewed that the orphan children were very dear to him and their development was tantamount to the development of the whole nation.
The president said orphan children too were important and inevitable like every individual of the society. Like other children, they also have equal right to pursue their goals of higher education and development.
President Mamnoon said in the history, many people who had made landmark achievements in the history, had been orphaned in their childhood. However, they changed the history on the basis of their devotion and hard work. Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) was the biggest example in this regard, he added.
The president advised the children to learn lessons from the great struggle of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and other successful people to explore new avenues and play role for development and prosperity of the mankind.
The president urged the orphans to always remain confident and consider themselves inferior to none. The children should fully focus at their education and inculcate good characteristics in their personality that would lead them to a distinctive stature in the world.
President Mamnoon hoped that these children would achieve great status in the society by serving the country through their hard work, good character, sincerity and honesty.