Praying for Imran Khan’s deliverance from politics of falsehood: Marriyum

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ISLAMABAD, Apr 30 (APP): Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb has assailed Imran Khan for lying persistently wherever he goes and advised him to reveal the name of the person who gave him Rs.10 billion for obstructing development and creating chaos and instability in the country.
In a statement issued here Sunday, She said, “There is hardly any place left in the country where Imran Khan has not indulged in telling lies with an amazing impulsiveness.
Better he reveals the name of the person who gave him Rs.10 billion for scuttling the process of development and creating chaos and instability in the county.
Instead of boasting about eliminating corruption throughout Pakistan he must first open the lock of the Ehtsab commission in KPK.”
She said instead of hurling unsubstantiated allegations at others and concocting lies Imran should better prepare himself for answering the queries of the Supreme Court on May 3 regarding his off-shore company, un-named property and foreign funding for his party.
Marriyum said he must stop acting as the lease-holder of other provinces and answer to the people of KPK for not being able to arrange potable water, schools for the children and hospitals for the sick that he had been boasting to provide them from every convenient roof-top.
The minister said Imran should also stop crying hoarse over his failures in KPK. Marriyum said the politics of lies would not endear him well to the people and the moment his ATM machines stopped providing him funds and aircraft, his politics would bury forever.
She said Imran had rightly said that Nawaz Sharif did not tell lies as it was he who had created a record of ten billion lies. She said today Imran should have given explanation about the foreign funding, making the KPK Ehtsab Commission dysfunctional and the judgment of the California case about the baggage that he carried.
Commenting on Imran’s statement about strengthening national institutions, she wondered how could one expect such a rhetoric from a person who had continuously ridiculed the same institutions?.
The MOS observed that even today he committed the indiscretion of targeting the honourable judges of the Superior courts.
Expressing pity over Imran’s mental condition, She prayed that Almighty might guide him to righteousness.
Marriyum said the people of KPK were fighting for their own rights as the incumbent government of PTI had miserably failed to deliver.