PR set Rs 53 bln target of income for year 2107-18


LAHORE, May 25 (APP): Pakistan Railways (PR) has set Rs 53 billion as a target of income for the financial year of 2017-18 which is 32 percent higher than the target set in current fiscal year.
According to PR sources on Thursday, Railways has finalised its working paper on performance and income for the next financial year.
Railways is expecting 32 percent record increase in income in the upcoming financial year as compared to the current year while the target of income set in the upcoming budget would be 94 percent more then the target set in 2013 by the Railways.
PR would break its record of income and performance under the leadership of Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique in the upcoming years, the sources said.
Meanwhile,the minister said that the PR showed better performance in the set targets and earned more income than the set targets,adding the income would be far more than Rs 53 billion.
The Railways earned Rs 36 billion against the set target of Rs 32 billion the previous year,while Rs 40 billion were earned when the target was Rs 36 billion.