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ISLAMABAD, Jul 21 (APP):Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has not yet forged any electoral or political alliance with Pakistan Muslim League-Zia, (PML-Z) candidate Ejaz-ul-Haq in NA 169, Bahawalnagar, said leader of the Opposition in Senate Ms Sherry Rehman.
Speaking in the Senate, she said PPP could not think about forging alliance with the legacy of former President Gen
Zia –ul-Haq, who had major role in promoting extremism and terrorism in the country.
She said that the extremists must not be affiliated with PPP.
Alleging that over 200 members of proscribed organization were allowed to
contest the elections. Imagine the situation when the extremists sit in the parliament
with us. Minority of extremists have hijacked the ideology of Pakistan. However,
she said it is heartening to note that Pakistani people never elected the extremists
and always rejected them.
She said PPP was not being allowed to organize public gatherings in various cities
of Balochistan.
Talking to ECP’s result management system, she said various areas of Balochistan were still do
not have internet services. Free, fair and transparent election was impossible
sans giving level playing field.
She said that the imposition of section 144 in the federal capital, Islamabad would
impede election campaign. Constitution of Pakistan provides right to association to everyone.