Power generation reached record highest level of 17,720 MW


ISLAMABAD, May 17 (APP): Pakistan’s power generation reached its record highest level of 17,720 megawatt on Wednesday, which is 290 MW higher than the last year’s generation achieved on June 19.
“The country’s electricity generation touched new record of 17,720MW today at 3:00 pm. Last year highest generation recorded was 17,430MW on June 19 during Ramazan,” a press release said here.
In the generation, the hydel component contributed 5240MW, GENCOs (power generation companies) 2901 MW while IPPS (indepdent power porducers) produced 9579MW electricity.
The successful transmission and distribution of 17,720MW has also reinforced the government’s investment in the power sector.
While congratulating the nation and the Ministry’s team, Federal Minister for Water and Power Khawaja Muhammad Asif reiterated the government’s resolve to take every step towards resolving issues pertaining to electricity.
He said that addition of new generation would further help bridging the gap between demand and supply.
The Federal Minister said that maximum relief was being passed on to the consumers due to addition of new generation in the national grid.