Politics of maligning, pressurizing national institutions be abandoned:Marriyum

ISLAMABAD, Apr 22 (APP): Minister of State for Information,
Broadcasting and National Heritage, Marriyum Aurangzeb said on
Saturday that politics of maligning and pressurizing the national
institutions must be abandoned now.
She was talking to the media after attending annual sports
gala of a school in Rawalpindi. Condemning the statement of PPP
leader Aitzaz Ahsan against the defence institutions defending
geographical frontiers of Pakistan, she said that the Armed Forces,
constitutional institutions and law enforcement agencies were pride
of the nation therefore such irresponsible utterances should be
avoided in future.
The minister remarked that the replies to the questions of JIT
have to be given by the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif but one failed
to understand why Imran felt so perturbed about it. She said that
in the next elections the people of Pakistan would totally reject
the elements which were trying to disrupt the development agenda of
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.
Marriyum said that the opposition parties were weary of the
popularity of Nawaz Sharif because they knew that if the mega
development projects launched by the present government were
completed they would be wiped out of the political arena as their
hands were empty as far as development initiatives and service to
the nation were concerned.
She said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had created a new
history by presenting three generations of his family for
accountability and answering questions about businesses
established by the family including his deceased father and
To a question,she said that the Sharif family had
provided record of the businesses of Mian Sharif dating back to 45
to 50 years and if there was any gap in information, the JIT would
be provided those details.
Rejecting the assumption that the court had rejected letter of
Qatari prince, she said that it was a verified document and the JIT
would be satisfied about its authenticity.
She reminded that when Imran made hue and cry of rigging after 2013
Elections, the Prime Minister wrote a letter to the Supreme Court
for formation of a commission to investigate the issue. She said
that during sit-in and protest rallies, Imran Khan ridiculed the
national and constitutional institutions and abused his political
opponents including the Prime Minister. When the judicial commission
on alleged rigging announced its findings Imran Khan started
ridiculing the national instituions.
She said that Imran Khan used Panama leaks as political
crutches and started targeting the Sharif family. She said that
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif proposed formation of a JIT on the
Panama issue and then he wrote a letter to the Supreme Court for
formation of a commission. Now after one year and 17 days, the JIT
is being constituted which was endorsement of the PM’s stance.
She said that answers to all questions related to Panama
case would be provided in the JIT. She said that the JIT had not
been constituted on the basis of the prayers of the petitioners in
the Panama case ,as all their prayers had been rejected by the
court as they were supported by useless documents
downloaded from the internet. She made it clear that the Prime
Minister was given the mandate by the people of Pakistan and he was
answerable to them and would not resign on the demand of anyone.
Criticising the PPP ledership,she said that after
committing record corruption in their tenure, they still had the
audacity to agitate on the issue of corruption which was not only
strange but also a sign of the doomsday.
Marriyum rubbished the claims of Asif Zardar in a speech at
Jhang yesterday that Prime Minister had failed to overcome the
energy crisis in the country saying that during the last four years
record number of power projects had been launched and by next year
the problem of load-shedding would be overcome. She reminded that
when PML-N came to power in 2013, the country was facing the threat
of default due to the PPP misrule but the present governemnt under
the leadership of Nawaz Sharif stabilized the sick economy, revived
industrial sector and launched historic health and educational
reforms programmes. If the PPP could clean Karachi city, ,it would
be quite an achievement,she added.
The minister said that Imran Khan in 2013 introduced the
culture of abusing the political opponents and ridiculing the
national instituions. The minister said that recently the Election
Commission in its verdict wrote that Imran Khan was an un-civilised
person and his party was trying to undermine the national
The minister said that media should highlight development
projects launched by the present government to bring quantum change
in the lives of the common people.
She said almost all political parties have governments in the
provinces, so instead of indulging in leg pulling of the federal
government they should strive to come up to the expectations of
their voters.
Earlier speaking as chief guest at the sports event of a
private school in Rawalpindi,she said that physical activities were
vital for improvement of mental capabilities of the students. She
said that PML-N government had taken several steps to promote
sports activities in the country and attract youth towards positive
activities. She said that the Punjab government under leadership of
Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had built many new sports grounds in
the city to provide healthy entertainment to the youth.
The minister said that promotion of national culture and heritage
was responsibility of the school managements, teachers and parents
The minister said that overall standard of education has
been improved in collaboration with the private sector. She said
that curriculum of private sector schools was being reviewed. The
minister disclosed that the curricula of Punjab educational
institutions up to metricualtion was available online, which was
not a mean achievement.
She stressed the need for teaching the children human
traits of patience and tolerance. Moreover the children should be
taught about Quaid-e-Azam’s principles of unity,faith and
discipline,she added.
The minister said that under Prime Minister’s educational
reforms programme, educational institutions in the capital territory
were being upgraded and transportation and other facilities were
also being provided to the students.
She said Pakistanis were a brave and resilient nation which
had been facing the scourge of terrorism for past over three decades
with great courage..
She said thanks to the steps taken by the present government the
situation has vastly improved.