Politicians, security analyst hail settlement of Dawn leak issue


PESHAWAR May 11 (APP): Politicians of mainstream political parties of Khyber Pakthunkhwa and security analysts here Thursday hailed the settlement of Dawn leak issue and termed it a very positive development that would further strengthen Civil-Military relations and democracy in the country.
They maintained a handful of elements had tried to pitch civil and military establishment against each others on Dawn leaks issue but all their anti democratic designs were failed after the issue was amicably settled.
Sardar Aurangzaib Nalota, PMLN Parliamentary Leader in KP Assembly told APP that settlement of Dawn leak issue has very positive development and good omen for strengthening of democratic norms in the country.
He said some political elements in their rivalry against PMLN had tried to pitch national institutions against each others in a bid to destabilize the democratically elected government but all their conspiracies were foiled by the prudent and visionary leadership of the Prime Minister.
“Settlement of Dawn leak issue was not a victory or defeat of any one rather it was good for Pakistan”, he said.
He said Pakistan Army was one of top professional armies of the world and its sacrifices in war against terrorism were globally accepted.
Nalota said Pakistan Army fully supports democratic process and supremacy constitution of Pakistan and the statement of Director General ISPR on Dawn leak issue on May 10 had clear all the ambiguities and was received well by all.
He said all the institutions were working in their constitutional domain .
He said the country’s interest was above all and now with resolution of this much debated issue “we must move ahead and work for progress and prosperity of the country”.
Nalota said Pakistan has achieved political and economic stability and Pakistani rupee against US dollar achieved stability, saying confidence of investors had been restored referring to CPEC and Pakistan would be included in world top 10 economies by 2025.
Nalota said PMLN Government had given gift of Motorways and Highways to people of Pakistan, saying work on Hazara motorway was in full swing that would be completed within this year to provide quality travelling facilities to people of Hazara division.
He said Nawaz Sharif Kidney Hospital Swat was another gift of Prime Minister for people of KP where state of the art facilities were available for treatment of kidney patients.
Former Secretary Law and Order Fata and senior security analyst, Brigadier ® Mehmood Shah termed settlement of Dawn leak issue a positive development.
He said strong and cordial civil-military relationship was imperative for progress and prosperity of the country.
He said the tweet issue has now been settlement and we all should move forward by working tirelessly for prosperity of the country.
ANP leader and former Provincial Minister Wajid Ali Khan also welcomed the settlement of the issue and termed it a very positive development. He said settlement of the Dawn leak issue would strengthen democracy in the country.
He said focus should be made on resolution of issues like poverty, unemployment, inflation, energy, law and order, saying these problems could only be addressed through continuity of democratic governments and political stability.
“In a democratic setup it was the duty of opposition to criticize and point out the mistakes of the treasury benches for correction rather than making conspiracies to destabilize the democratic government”, he said, adding civil-military leadership deserved full credit and appreciations for showing flexibility and addressing the Dawn leak issue.