ISLAMABAD Aug 30 (APP): Spokesman to the Prime Minister Dr Musadik Malik on Tuesday said political polarization had made national institutional controversial as he urged political parties to manifest serenity in resolution of issues.

“Political parties are so polarized that they take extreme
positions whenever any incident occurs,” he said contesting the panelists at a private news channel program regarding return of  Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf’s petition by the Supreme Court.

He said when the government had written to Apex Court for
constituting a commission on Panama papers, the court had returned the request by citing the existing law as toothless and now it had returned the PTI’s petition stating it as frivolous.

“Both the comments have come from the highest forum.

When our request was turned down, we had assured to make efforts for a better law. But, other parties are looking returning of their application, as otherwise,” he added.

He said a better law could have been enacted had the
opposition parties agreed to ToR. But, they rigidly pursued one point and enacting only the Prime Minister specific law. “In that environment how could consensus be evolved on ToR. The government desired to evolve consensus on ToR but opposition was not ready to shift from their stance.”

He said comments on the Supreme Court’s observation were regrettable as instead of removing the shortcoming from the petition, political leaders started commenting on the court’s observation.

“We had also desired that petition could be accepted so we could have an opportunity to clarify our position. But, if
our political parties will make courts controversial then from
where we shall get justice.”

He said Prime Minister is holding the office because he
enjoys masses confidence and it has been manifested again and again in by-elections, Cantonment and local government elections and elections in Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir.

“But, whenever people vote for PM’s party, opponents call it
rigging. If ECP rejects a petition, these parties express no
confidence. Now, if you talk of democracy then you should be clear that people have voted for PML-N but if you have any other plan in the mind, what can be stated then,” he said.

He said people have voted for PML-N and the party elected
Nawaz Sharif as the Prime Minister and when people will vote for another party, it will elect its Prime Minister.

Musadik Malik said some parties would like only that
institution which will take action against the Prime Minister and if any institution goes by the law and gives observation against their desire, they try to make it controversial.