Polio-affected candidate to run for Elections 2018



ISLAMABAD, Jul 12 (APP):The most anticipated general elections in the country are coming with another exception where a poilo affected candidate is also contesting the election from Rawalpindi.
Raja Imran, is one of such common persons who fights to defy all odds by contesting from the area of PP 14 in Rawalpindi, claims that people with disabilities are often overlooked and not given proper rights in the society, a private news channel reported.
Raja Imran, who has chosen a pencil as his election symbol, conducts door-to-door campaigns himself by asking for votes has been helping the locals in day-to-day affairs. Imran’s bravery have made it clear that for him disability is secondary and is something that can never come in the way of his dreams.
He vows that if he was get elected, he will raise his voice for the betterment of the disabled community of the country. “The elected candidates only visit the neighborhoods when they need to beg for votes. Otherwise, no one cares to look back at the poor individuals of the society”, he said. “I will make sure the special persons to get their due rights, if elected”, said Imran.