POA blocks country’s chances of winning medals in ISG judo


ISLAMABAD, Apr 25 (APP): The Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) have blocked country’s chances of winning medals in judo in the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games (ISG) as it has barred the national judokas from participating in the extravaganza.
Talking to APP, Khalid Mehmood, Secretary, POA, said Judo has not been included in the contingent of ISG scheduled to be held in Azerbaijan in May because Pakistan Judo Federation (PJF) had sent them late entries of the national judokas.
“The accreditation date for ISG expired on February 16 and PJF had sent us entries after the given date,” he said.
However an official close to ISG developments said PJF had sent entries to POA on January 10 but POA did not reply to PJF, therefore PJF resent the entries to POA on March 29.
“On April 17 POA sent a letter to PJF stating the matter is being examined by their Senior Legal Advisor for further action. POA however, said that the accreditation date for ISG expired on February 16, hence it was not possible to accommodate PJF’s request at this stage,” POA wrote in a reply to PJF.
He said POA had also approached national judokas to send in their individual entries for participation in ISG. “But judokas refused to send individual entries as it is not precedent in the world that athletes are sent for participation in international competitions without consent of the federation,” he said.
Despite having laudable performances for the country in international arena, POA have excluded national judokas from ISG national contingent.
Pakistani Olympian Judoka Shah Hussain Shah (-100kg) had won Silver Medal in Common Wealth Games 2014. He twice remained Asian Bronze Medalist in 2013 and 2014 and South Asian Gold Medalist in 2015 and 2016. Similarly, Judoka Qaisar Khan (-81kg) qualified for the quarter final in Grand Slam, Tokyo 2016 and was the bronze medalist of the South Asian Games 2016.