ISLAMABAD, Feb 21 (APP):Embassy of the Republic of Turkey, Lahor Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Centre and Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) will hold a Turkish movie night here on February 22 with screening of Turkish film “Love Likes Coincidences”.

Love Likes Coincidences is a 2011 Turkish drama film, directed by Omer Faruk Sorak, starring Mehmet Gunsur and Belcim Bilgin Erdogan as star crossed lovers whose lives are intertwined by a series of coincidences. The film, which opened on February 4, 2011 at number 1 in the Turkish box office, is one of the highest grossing Turkish films of 2011.
The story portrays a September morning in 1977 in Ankara, a young man rushes his pregnant wife to the hospital for the impending birth. He crashes into another car, whose driver is another father-to-be. As a result of the accident, the woman in the car they hit gives birth prematurely, resulting in both babies being born on the same day at the same hospital.
That accident becomes the first of many coincidences that will connect the fates of Ozgur and Deniz, whose lives will continue to intersect throughout the rest of their childhood and teenage years in Ankara. Each time their paths intersect, the cause of the intersection greatly transforms both Ozgur and Deniz’s lives. However, their lives never fully intertwine because whatever it is that brings them together manages to build a wall between until their next encounter, some 25 years later in Istanbul.