PNCA to organize series of exhibition on eve of Independence Day


ISLAMABAD, May 30 (APP): Pakistan National Council of the Arts
(PNCA) is organizing a series of exhibitions representing all provinces on the eve of Independence Day.
An official of PNCA told APP that national exhibitions will have historic context with reference to land, life and people of Pakistan and will culminate into National Exhibition which is being revived after a long time.
He said that the National Exhibition will coincide with Independence Day celebrations in August 2017.
Following are the titles of exhibitions; from Mehergarh to Quetta, From Harappa to Lahore via Katas, From Akra to Peshawar via Takht Bai, From Mohenjo-Daro to Karachi via Makli, Silk Rout throughKarakorum and From Takhtbai to Islamabad.
All Exhibitions will be curated by leading curators and the National Exhibition will be a joint curatorial exercise based on a selection of works from provincial exhibitions, showcasing the wonderful diversity and potential of Pakistani art.
He said that for convenience, artists can coordinate with PNCA
local offices in Lahore and Karachi.
Deadline for submission of works at indicated venue is June
15, 2017.