PMYBL scheme produces number of success stories

ISLAMABAD, Apr 25 (APP): Prime Minister’s Youth Business Loan Scheme (PMYBL) has helped not only one women reach her aspirations and a better income status but also created multiplier effect and helped 15 other households who received employment.
This is just one example of how PMYBL scheme, one of many success stories is of a women from Larkana, Samina Parveen Bhutto, who changed her life and materialize her aspirations of opening her own school by utilizing PMYBL scheme.
Samina Parveen talking to APP said “she was working as an in-charge of a primary school at the age of 22 however, she always dreamed of opening up her own school, adding that at the age of 27 she procured a loan via PMYBL Scheme and opened up a school called “Quad-e-Awan School” starting from Nursery to class 5.
She said that currently 15 other employees 15 also working in her school and educates 200 students.
As a school incharge she was earning 10,000 per month and now her income has increased to Rs.40,000 per month.
Another 30 year old women ‘Farhana Shabbir’ from Bahwalpur who had no means of income procured a loan from PMYBL scheme and invested it in cattle farming. Today she has two cows and 13 calves which are used to sell milk and the valves are bred for Eid-ul-Azha Qurbani season.
She claims that now her monthly income is Rs.50,000 per month from the milk she sells and expects to have an income of up to Rs.6000,000 over the sacrifice season by selling the bred animals.
Her family of six is involved in this family business and their life has completely changed from having no come to now sustainable monthly earnings to support her family.
Talking to APP she said that now her three kids are able to attend school due to change in their financial circumstances.