PM’s appearance in JIT to strengthen democratic institutions; Parliamentarians

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ISLAMABAD June 13 (APP): Senior politicians and
parliamentarians on Tuesday said that the decision of Prime Minister
Nawaz Sharif to voluntarily go to Joint Investigation Team (JIT)
will strengthen democracy in the country.
Talking to APP, they said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif
always respected the judiciary and laws of the land.
Senator Abdul Qayyum said that Prime Minister had taken a
strong step of writing a letter to the Supreme Court for setting up
a commission on Panama issue. He added only transparent leaders make such decisions.
He said that now the Prime Minister and his family were fully
supporting the JIT despite negative propaganda of some political
He said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had always played his role
in strengthening the relations between institutions.
Senator Tanveer Hussain said that some leaders of political
parties were trying to politicize the matter of the JIT to get the
results of their own choice, but they will fail to politicize the
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was very clear from day one and he
himself asked for formation of the commission on Panama Papers
Senator Najma Hameed said that Sharif family sacrificed a lot
for supremacy of democracy and strengthening of democratic
institutions in the country.
She added despite all challenges Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif
will continue his efforts for improving the life of common man.
Parliamentary Secretary for Cabinet Division Raja Javed Ikhlas
said that PM Nawaz Sharif’s sons had come to Pakistan to present
themselves before the JIT on the special instructions of Prime
Minster, who always respected all institutions.
He said that country’s people will reject those political
parties, who always tried to insult the respected institutions.
MNA Malik Ibrar Ahmad said that PM Nawaz Sharif’s long march
for restoration of Chief Justice is ample proof that how he wanted
to have supremacy of judiciary and rule of law in the country. He
added PM’s decision of presenting before JIT would strengthen the
democratic institutions.
Member National Assembly Waheed Alam Khan said that Prime
Minister Nawaz Sharif’s decision to appear before the Joint
Investigation Team (JIT) showed his firm belief towards rule of law
and upholding supremacy of the constitution.
He said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family fully
believed in rule of law and supremacy of democracy as he had
presented himself and three generations of Sharif family for
He said the appearance of Prime Minister before JIT will further
strengthen the rule of law.
MNA Waheed Alam Khan said PML-N rendered unprecedented
sacrifices for democracy and judiciary in the past and believed in
rule of law.
He said that name of Prime Minister was not in Panama Leak
papers but his decision to appear in JIT showed his respect towards
rule of law and the constitution.
He said that sons of Prime Minister have also appeared several
times in the JIT constituted on the orders of the apex court.
“These are all the evidences of our respect for the courts and
rule of law”, MNA Waheed Alam added.
Member National Assembly, Muhammad Khan Daha has said that
decision of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif to appear before
the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) reflected his prudence and
He said that he would make history to become the first sitting
Prime Minister of the country to appear before such a panel because
he believed in rule of law and supremacy of the constitution.
He said the Prime Minister would also set a high moral
standard by appearing before the JIT and his respect had increased
a lot after this wise decision.
Chairman Standing Committee on Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir
Affairs Malik Abrar said PML-N was the sole party whose candidates
had taken oath before 2008 election to stand for the independence of
judiciary and even scarified their governments at centre and Punjab
He said that PML-N alone took part in long march for
the independence of judiciary.
He said despite non-residence of Pakistan, PM’s son appeared
before the JIT. The Prime Minister himself wrote a letter to the SC
to set up a commission to probe the Panama issue, he said.
Raja Javed Ikhlas said the PML-N would emerge victorious in
Panama saga.
He said PTI Chief had also levelled false allegations of
rigging in general election but he could not prove them.
He expressed the hope that PML-N would win the next general
election with thumping majority.