PML-N offers unmatched sacrifices for independent judiciary: Talal

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ISLAMABAD, July 4 (APP):Member of National Assembly Talal
Chaudhry Tuesday said Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) has
offered unmatched sacrifices for independent judiciary.
Talking to media, he said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif never
deviated from his principals despite enduring jail sentences and exile.
He vowed that PML-N would face conspirators as it had nullified various conspiracies in the past.
He said that Joint Investigation Team (JIT) has left only one week to
finalize its report adding JIT should investigate rather then defaming
Talal Chaudhry termed the investigative report submitted by former Interior Minister Rehman Malik as pack of lies.
The 70 year real money trail has already been submitted by Hussain Nawaz the son of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.
He urged institutions to stop puppets from playing their
games. He was of the view that in Pakistan democratically elected governments were ousted by hatching conspiracies.
He urged SC to take notice of conspiracies.
He said JIT has become controversial due to its own deeds.
Prime Minister Nawaz was billionaire even before entering into