PML-N govt committed to progress, prosperity of country; PM

SHEIKHUPURA, Feb 8 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
Wednesday said his government was committed to progress and development and undertaking a string of projects across the country to boost national economy, generate employment and reduce poverty.
The Prime Minister was addressing a gathering after reviewing
the pace of progress of the Bhikki Power Plant.
The Gas powered Bhikki power plant has a total capacity of 1180 MW and would be fully operational by the end of 2018.
Almost 84% work has been completed and the plant would be producing 716 MW initially before the summers this year.
He said only a year back, he visited the site of the project
that was located in between the fields, however today a huge infrastructure had cropped up in a short span of time.
The Prime Minister said the pace of progress on the project was very impressive and “unbelievable.”
He said the project would be known in the times ahead for being very cost-effective.      The Prime Minister said had the pace of development and
progress initiated by him in the early ’90s, allowed to continue
unhindered, the country would have been included in the list of
developed countries.
He said when his government came to an abrupt end in 1999, the
country had surplus power, and was making remarkable progress in all
areas, however later none of the governments bothered to fulfill
their responsibility to meet power shortages and complete the
ongoing projects.
He said his government re-initiated all stalled projects and
particularly mentioned progress on Neelum Jhelum and Lowari Tunnel.
He also recalled the initiation of many old and new projects across
the country that included power plants, airports, motorways, metro
services, Orange Line in Lahore and Central train service for
The Prime Minister said apart from development projects, his
government was also working hard to turn around the national economy.
He cited a number of leading international publications
including the CNN, Economist, Bloomberg etc who were acknowledging
the marked improvement in economy and the country’s bright future ahead.
Prime Minister Sharif said when he took over in 2013, Pakistan
was about to be declared a failed State, with its economy on the
verge of collapse, however in a short span of three years the entire
situation has changed.
The world today has a very positive opinion and was looking
forward to see it emerge as a booming economy.
He said it would not only bring a good name to the country, but also
benefit its people.
Prime Minister Sharif said when he took oath of office in 2013
he had a very clear understanding of the challenges ahead and knew that very difficult decisions needed to be taken to reverse the downward slide.
He said he never lied to the nation and never ever made any
false promise and the people of the country were now witness that
all his promises of putting an end to loadshedding and completion of
road networks were being fulfilled.
He said he was confident that soon the country would get an
additional 10,000 MWs of electricity.
Transmission line to deliver the power generated to the national grid
was already completed, he added.
He said the Bhikki plant also boasted two largest reservoirs for
Hi-Speed Diesel, that would be used to run the plant.
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said his vision was to add 30,000
MWs to meet the future needs of the country.
He said today the cost of production of electricity was only Rs 6.36 per
unit, while in the past the price per unit was as high as Rs 36, through furnace oil.
He said with power generation from coal, the price of production would
further drop.
He said the farmers were already being provided power at Rs 5.35 per
unit, however added that his government was looking forward to further reduce the cost to Rs 2 or Rs 3 per unit.
The prime Minister said the PML-N government was totally
different from others who were in power in the past who were more
interested in getting kick backs, commission and setting up
expensive projects.
He said the people needed to see the wide difference in the approach
between the PML-N government and others and judged for themselves who were really serving them.
Prime Minister Sharif expressed the hope that soon he, along
with Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, would visit the project site
again to inaugurate it.
Bhikki power plant has one of the most efficient and modern
gas powered turbines that produce electricity without any wastage
and were at the same time environment-friendly.
Bhikki Power Plant is among the priority projects earmarked by
the Government to reduce electricity shortfall in the country.
It is estimated that the Bhikki Power Project, due to its low
cost and efficient plant machinery  will save around Rs. 250 billion
over a period of 30 years