PML-N expects justice in Panama Papers case: Muhammad Zubair

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ISLAMABAD, July 18 (APP): Governor Sindh, Muhammad Zubair on
Tuesday expressed hope that justice would be done in Panama Papers
case and Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) would accept judgement of
the Supreme Court.
Talking to PTV, he said it was a good omen that the state
institutions including judiciary were working independently without
any external pressure.
He however, hoped that judiciary would ensure implementation
of all norms of justice and would show no hurry while issuing its
judgment in this case like many other cases that take quite
sufficient time to be decided.
“We always followed Constitution and respected the courts,” he
added. “This case will be recorded in history and we believe that
justice would be done.”
Mentioning the past, he quoted the case of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
which was later termed as ‘judicial murder’ and said, “we expect
passionate hearing of the parties by the court and justice would
be done.”
The Governor Sindh said that the party had reservations over
report of Joint Investigation Team (JIT), therefore the honorable
court had to fully examine the report before verdict.
He said cases proceed for years in the country and usually
the notion behind this is stated to be fulfillment of requirements
of justice. “Therefore, in this case, we desire that all requirements
of justice are also fulfilled.”