PML-N challenges Imran to face charges in Supreme Court


ISLAMABAD July 13 (APP): Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leaders Thursday challenged Imran Khan to come to Supreme Court and face money laundering charges against him.
PML-N leaders Hanif Abbasi, Talal Chaudhry and Daniyal Aziz
asked Imran Khan not to shy away and change lawyers one after the
other like he had been doing at Election Commission, rather he
should show courage to face the court.
“We have faced cases and inquiries and now it is yours turn.
So be bold and face the charges before the Court,” Hanif Abbasi
said who had filed petition against Imran Khan.
Abbasi said commissions can also be constituted to probe Imran
Khan’s property and tax matters as his sister owns three companies
under Niazi Services including Gallantry Services and Gallantry
Consultants. “Why you are running away when it is the matter of your
money trail. Come and face the charges.”
He said Imran Khan will have to provide proof for 117,000 pound
flat purchased in London and if he has the money trail he should
confront us in the court of law. “He shall have to tell the court as
to how he could own property worth billions of rupees after selling
just one flat.”
He alleged Imran Khan as a gambler and claimed that he had
lost Rs two million of party fund in gambling. “He will also have to
provide receipts of income that he spent for study at Oxford, money
lost in gambling and the charity money invested abroad.”
He is lying with such a consistency that it feels like a
truth, Abbasi said and claimed he had no proof for his property and
money trail.
MNA Daniyal Aziz said, today no one from PTI was there to give
viewpoint because they know that they cannot face the truth.
He said prime minister and his family faced investigations and legal
proceedings for more than a year and now it your turn, so do not
He once again termed the JIT report as pack of lies and said
the government would contest its contradictions and false
MNA Talal Chaudhry said, the PTI has been clamoring about
accountability through Joint Investigation Team. “But, nothing came
out of it and we shall decimate it before the court. It is not a
scripture, it just carries contradictions, assumptions and
He said now, when Imran Khan is being exposed for his money
laundering his party is planning protests, agitations and sit-ins.
He said Nawaz Sharif was not elected prime minister on his
recommendation but through masses mandate. “Therefore, there is no
question of his resigning. He cannot dishonor peoples’ mandate.”
Talal said the Supreme Court would throw the JIT report in the
dustbin and truth would prevail. “We shall seek justice and come out successful from the same court because we have always honored the courts.