PML N candidate wins GB by elections

ISLAMABAD, Sept 10 (APP): Saleem Khan of Pakistan Muslim
League N Saturday emerged as successful candidate in Gilgit
Baltistan Legislative Assembly GBLA 6 (Hunza Nagar III) by elections after securing 4,679 votes.

According to unofficial results, an independent candidate
Obaidullah Baig got 4,025 votes and finished second.

Other candidates, including Naiknam (independent) got 2408
votes, followed by Wazir Baig of PPP 1703, AWP’s Akhon Bai 1291, PTI’s Aziz Ahmed 1578 and Amin Sher (independent) 295 votes respectively.

Total turnout remained about 43 per cent.

The seat fell vacant in 2015 after Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan, a
PML N candidate, was elevated to the office of GB Governor.