PML-N building real new Pakistan; making it “Asian Tiger”; PM

APP31-10 NANKANA SAHIB: May 10 - Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif addressing the gathering at briefing session of project development of Lahore-Abdul Hakeem M-3, Motorway. APP photo by Chaudhry Ansar

NANKANA SAHIB, May 10 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad
Nawaz Sharif Wednesday said his government was building the real
new Pakistan and taking all steps to make it an “Asian Tiger”.
He while inspecting progress on the M3 Section said, he was pleased to
note the pace of construction and its high quality.
He said his government was undertaking a series of
projects across the country including many in Gilgit Baltistan
and Azad Jammu and Kashmir.
He said in next few years, Pakistan would emerge as a strong economy and
power of the region.
He said Pakistan would be the new “Asian Tiger” and
connect the entire country with all the regional countries.
“This is the Pakistan of 21st century and this is called
the new Pakistan,” the Prime Minister Sharif said.
He lashed out at the opposition saying his government would continue
to march ahead on the path of progress and prosperity by undertaking huge development projects.
“We were neither afraid of them in the past, nor would
be frightened in the future. The people of Pakistan now look
forward to us and not towards them, as their future is with
He invited the opposition to visit the network of roads
and motorways and asked them to at least acknowledge the good
work being done by the government.
He said criticism on anything was easy, but it required guts to admit
the good work and its benefits for the masses.
The prime minister said around 50,000 workers were
deployed on the project and said similarly hundreds and
thousands were working on other projects across the country.
He said the motorway would soon link Peshawar to Karachi with
a six-lane high quality road.
He said no country in the region could boast such a road
network and said if it was because the Allah Almighty was
“If Allah is benevolent to someone, then no one can do
anything about it,” the prime minister said.
This would be unfair if these hard working labours are
denied employment opportunities.
He said the Gwadar Port would be connected to China and allow rapid
transportation of goods.
He said earlier such projects used to lag for decades,
but today, things had changed and now the entire length of
motorways complete in mere two years. Now these roads had
quality and long life and would last for several years.
The prime minister said the PML-N government was
reconstructing the Lahore Islamabad Motorway and would serve
the nation for several decades and said today the worth of the
asset has risen from mere Rs 25 billion to Rs 500 billion.
He said the worth of the national assets was multiplying
He said after his forced ouster in 1999, not even a
single large development project was undertaken.
“Terrorism was rife, lives of the people were at stake,
but today peace is returning to the cities and towns, the
economy is strengthening and the world is acknowledging the
country’s rise,” he said.
The prime minister said today the Balochistan had left
its restive past behind and progress and development could be
seen across the province.
He said politics of confrontation and sit-ins had done
the nation no good.
“Let the pace of progress and development move ahead at
a fast pace and let the people of Pakistan reap the benefit,”
he said.
He said Pakistan would be connected to the Central Asian
States through a network of highways, motorways and rail
tracks and said the country would soon boast world class
interconnected roads.
The prime minister also appreciated the performance and
quality of work by the China Railways and ZKB.
Chairman National Highway Authority briefed the prime
minister about the motorway’s M3 section, on which 44 percent
work has been completed.
He was informed that it was scheduled to be operational by March 2018,
while efforts were underway to complete it earlier.
The M-3 will connect with M-4 at Abdul Hakeem and
provide an alternate and direct route from Lahore to Multan. The project will be completed with a cost of Rs 148.654 billion.
The structure at M-3 includes 08 interchanges, 08
bridges over major roads, 35 bridges over canals, minors, 60
underpasses, 201 Cattle Creeps and 705 culverts.