PM vows to restore natural beauty of Murree


MURREE, Dec 29 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Tuesday while vowing to restore the natural beauty and historic buildings of the tourist resort of Murree announced provision of a modern hospital, university and water supply scheme for the area.

Addressing a large gathering here after inaugurating the newly restored building of the General Post Office building, the Prime Minister also announced provision of natural gas and regular supply of electricity.

The Prime Minister was warmly received by an enthusiastic crowd that cheered on every announcement of the Prime Minister for development of their area.

He addressed the gathering while sitting on the stairs of the newly renovated GPO building and asked his security staff not to be worried as he was amongst his own people.

He said the people of Murree have always supported and stood by him and his party and appreciated their cooperation.

He said tourists from all over the country come here to enjoy natural beauty of the hilly resort, but regretted that it has been marred by encroachments and haphazard construction of buildings and cutting of trees.

He said he has special attachment to hilly resort, where he used to come when he was young. He said he wishes to make the city as beautiful as it was decades ago and directed urgent tree plantation.

He recalled that he took the initiative of constructing the old road of Murree on modern lines, that attracted large number of tourists.

He said the road was extended to Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

The Prime Minister said all the promises made to the people of Murree  will be fulfilled in two years and called upon the local people to help him in this task. He said he was committed to serve the people of Murree and the people would soon see a visible change.

Sharif said he would personally monitor the development work and said no lapse would be tolerated in the quality of the work.

He said a modern hospital with all facilities would not only cater to the needs of the locals, but also people from the adjoining areas.

He said a massive project to provide water to Murree has been finalised and work would start on it soon.