PM vows to make Pakistan modern, developed state

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ISLAMABAD, Mar 22 (APP): Following is the text of the message
of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Pakistan Day:
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“March 23rd is an unforgettable day of our national history.
The Muslim Ummah of South Asia was vying to find its identity since
long but it had no determined destination before it. On this day we
found that our focus and impregnable unity which not only identified
the destination but also helped us to achieve it in the shape of
Though in the Allahabad address by Allama Muhammad Iqbal the
contours of that destination had been earmarked but it found its
expression and consensus on 23rd March. This day reminds us that
with steely determination and unity under an honest leadership, the
ostensibly unachievable targets can be easily achieved.
Whereas the creation of Pakistan ushered in the possibilities
of durable peace in South Asia, it was also a ray of hope for those
who had been deprived of equal opportunities in the United India and
attempts had been made to decimate their cultural identity. In the
form of Pakistan a nation clinched back its identity which was
denied to them by the majority. It was implied in the Pakistan
Resolution that Pakistan after coming into being will transform into
a national state where all the citizens will enjoy equal rights.
We are grateful to Allah that today the people of Pakistan
have regained their lost identity. While during the last three years
the army, security agencies and people have rendered sacrifices to
make Pakistan a cradle of peace, the government has maintained its
focus on accelerating economic prosperity and progress. By the Grace
of God today’s Pakistan is a democratic country. The judiciary and
media are independent.
The backward areas of the country are being developed on
priority basis. Work on the epoch making projects under CPEC is in
full swing, which has unleashed a process of progress and
reconstruction in Balochistan and the day is not far off when, God
willing, the province will join the developed areas of the country.
It is a pleasant coincidence that the Muslim Ummah found its
destination from the platform of Muslim League and today under the
leadership of the same party we have rediscovered it.
As a nation it is incumbent upon us to build a society where
nobody is discriminated against on the basis of colour, ethnicity,
religion, creed or sect.
We have to make collective endeavours to build Pakistan into
a state where all citizens have equal rights and all regions of the
country enjoy the fruits of development. Today we have to renew our
pledge. Once again we have to make Pakistan a modern and developed
state in conformity with the vision and thinking of the Quaid.
There has been an appreciable acceleration in this process
during the last three years. With the Grace of God this journey will
continue with the same spirit and commitment. We pray to the
Almighty to make Pakistan safe, stronger and a highly developed
country in the future! Amen.

Pakistan Paindabad”
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