PM to visit Chitral next week to review progress of work on Lowari Tunnel project


ISLAMABAD, Sep 3 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz
Sharif will visit Chitral next week to review the progress of
work on Lowari Tunnel project, to be completed next year.

Lowari Tunnel will be all weather road link between
Chitral valley and the rest of the country and would provide
an opportunity to explore the hydro power potentials in Chitral valley, a press release issued from the PM’s Office here on Saturday said.

The tunnel while resulting in reduction of poverty and
provision of better access to markets to the people of the area, will also be instrumental in the development of tourism industry of the country.

The tunnel will provide access to a large potential area
of mineral resources, forest product industries, fruits & agriculture, livestock and other mineral based industries.
The Lowari Tunnel would provide access to Central Asian
countries through Chitral Dorah Pass and will serve as an alternative route to China.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is personally taking interest in
the early completion of the project.