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ISLAMABAD, Aug 13 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif will perform the ground breaking of Shorkot Khanewal section of Faisalabad Multan Motorway (M 4) on Saturday.

The 240 km Faisalabad Multan Motorway will provide a
shorter and direct connection between southern port cities
of Karachi and Gwadar with the north of country.

It will upgrade and decongest the country’s overburdened
transport infrastructure.

The Motorway will boost trade and travel while reducing
transportation cost and time from the textile producing hub
Faisalabad in Central Punjab to Multan which is a major trade
centre in Southern Punjab.

The Faisalabad Multan Motorway is divided into four
sections including Faisalabad Gojra (58 kms), which has
already been completed; Gojra Shorkot (62 kms), which is under construction and Shorkot Khanewal (65 kms), ground breaking of which will be held on Saturday; and Khanewal Multan (55.6 kms), which has already been completed.

Shorkot Khanewal section is divided into two packages
including Shorkot Dinpur (31 kms) and Dinpur Khanewal (34
kms), in order to ensure its in time completion.

The project will cost around Rs. 22 billion and take two
years for completion.

After completion, the project will improve the country’s
vital north south road network for promotion of economic growth, job creation and regional connectivity.

It will extend the already completed M 1, M 2 and M 3
Motorways to southward and shorten the distance between Multan and twin cities of Islamabad Rawalpindi in the north.

Besides, it will improve road safety and enhance local
and regional trade, and promote efficiency in traffic operations.

The M 4 is also a step towards positioning Pakistan to
act as a transit artery for goods moving between the port
cities of Karachi and Gwadar in the south to Torkham on the
northern border with Afghanistan via the country’s major
business and population centres.

It will eventually link ports with the land locked
regions of Central Asia.