PM stresses upon unity for peace, prosperity

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ISLAMABAD, April 16 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz
Sharif on Sunday re-assured the members of Christian community
and all other minorities that Pakistan belonged to them and
stressed that the country’s peace and prosperity was in the
unity of all Pakistanis.
“It is a moral and national obligation of our nation to
protect the constitutional rights of each and every Christian
and all other minorities, living in Pakistan as enshrined in
our Constitution,” he said in a message on the Easter.
The Prime Minister extended his heartiest felicitations
to the Christian citizens on the occasion of their religious
festival, Easter.
“I wish our Christian brothers and sisters living in
Pakistan the happiness and joys of Easter,” a press release
of the PM office media wing quoted the Prime Minister as
The Prime Minister further noted with appreciation that
the Pakistani Christians were playing an important role in the
progress and development of the country.
“We deeply appreciate and are indebted to their valuable
contributions and services towards our collective national
objective of securing a truly strong, progressive and stable
Pakistan,” he added.