PM stresses for unity to foil anti-state elements’ designs

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ISLAMABAD, June 26 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
has stressed upon promotion of unity to adequately foil nefarious
designs of those elements who were trying to sow seeds of discord in
society and destabilize Pakistan.
He said the nation had to unite to fight political and
religious extremism, terrorism and forces of strife.
In his message on the occasion of Eid ul Fitr, the prime
minister felicitated the nation and the Muslim Ummah on the august
The prime minister noted that Pakistan was a bunch of
different religious communities and they celebrate their religious
events with equal respect. The Muslims joined their minorities’
brothers and sisters, a gesture of tolerance and harmony which was
also reciprocated by the latter.
He expressed the confidence that the same spirit of unity and
harmony would be showed in each village and mohalla.
The prime minister reiterated that present government was
committed to make the motherland a cradle of progress, peace and
prosperity where everyone had equal opportunities to excel. There
should be respect for knowledge and justice to everyone, he added.
He said all this would be possible when there was stability in
the country, without political firmness, the realization of social
steadiness was not possible.
Expressing his profound grief over the tragic incidents of
Parachinar, Quetta and Karachi, in which ordinary citizens and
government employees were barbarically targeted, he said, the entire
nation was shrouded with a pall of gloom.
The whole nation shared their grief and expressed solidarity
with them, he said, adding the Pakistani nation had the capabilities
to overcome such tragedies and stood behind the security
institutions for their efforts to eliminate terrorism, acknowledging
their sacrifices. The prime minister resolved that these sacrifices
would not go waste.
He urged the Ulema to communicate in their Eid sermons, the
barbarism being used in the name of religion by the criminal minds.
He stressed the need to inculcate the real message of Islam
based upon affection and positive thinking.
The prime minister said, on this august occasion, they should
also remember Kashmiri brothers and sisters of Indian Occupied
Kashmir, whose hearts beat together with the Pakistani nation.
They had been forced to celebrate Eid under curfew and
imposition of such restrictions during the holy month of Ramzan had
also deprived them of their fundamental religious rights.
He prayed for the Kashmiri people and called upon the United
Nations to take notice of the grave human rights violations in
Indian Occupied Kashmir, where the Kashmiris had been deprived of their basic fundamental rights.
The prime minister said Eid ul Fitr is an Islamic ritual which
gives a message of affection, tolerance and harmony for the whole
It gives us an opportunity to earn sympathy and blessings and
bring collective joys for the Muslims. It is a day upon which our
motherland Pakistan was created, thus multiplying the joys of august
event, he noted.
The prime minister said the needy, hapless and poor should be
squarely helped, so that they could share the joys of this occasion.