ISLAMABAD, Dec 16 (APP):Prime Minister Imran Khan Sunday reiterated that the government would transform the country into such abode
where there would be no place for religious, lingual, caste or creed based sectarianism, extremism and violence.

The Prime Minister in a message on 4th anniversary of Army Public School (APS) Peshawar tragedy
reiterated that education was the only weapon with which they could defeat extremism and terrorism permanently.
He said December 16, reminded the nation of that tragic day on which the terrorists, with utter disregard for
the humanitarian and religious principles, targeted the innocent students of the Army Public School who had
arrived school to seek education with a hope for bright future.
This heart wrenching incident not only inflicted pain and misery on the whole nation, but also paved way
for the unity and solidarity among the ranks of the nation against terrorism, he added.
The Prime Minister said with Allah Almighty’s support and nation’s backing, the valiant armed forces of
Pakistan and other law enforcement agencies, through operations Zarb-e-Azb and Raddul Fasad, accomplished
an unprecedented decisive action against terrorism.
He said by sacrificing their innocent blood, the APS students united the nation forever against a
heartless enemy who was a blot on the humanity and worst manifestation of inhumanity.
The Prime Minister observed that the memories of APS tragedy would always remain alive. On this day,
they paid tributes to the innocent `Shuhadah’ of APS and expressed solidarity and sympathies with the
bereaved families who had sent their children to school for getting education, but their bodies returned
homes wrapped in `Shahadat’.
The whole nation shared the pain and suffering of all the grieving parents, he added.
The Prime Minister said the nation had paid huge price in the war on terror. Despite giving huge sacrifices
in term of human and financial losses, still if anyone leveled accusation against Pakistan, or blamed it ,
they were reminded that in this global war, the massive price was paid by the personnel of our armed
forces, law enforcement agencies, civilian and innocent souls.
The Prime Minister reiterated that despite all these huge losses and sufferings, as a nation, they
were committed to the national, regional and global peace.
He also paid tribute to the gallant armed forces of Pakistan, law enforcement agencies and all
those institutions who had sacrificed in the war on terror.
The best way to pay tributes to the `Shuhadah’ was to reiterate the resolve for the sublime
objective for which they had laid down their lives, he stressed.