PM orders immediate re-opening of Pak-Afghan border

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ISLAMABAD, Mar 20 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Monday ordered immediate re-opening of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border as a goodwill gesture and hoped that the reasons for its closure would be addressed by the government of Afghanistan.
A statement from the PM House said “despite the fact that those involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan have a connection with anti-Pakistani elements in Afghanistan, the closure of the border between the two countries, having centuries old religious, cultural and historic relations, was against the economic and public interests.”
The statement said “it has been decided to re-open the border as a good-will gesture with immediate effect, with the hope that the Government of Afghanistan would take the necessary steps, required to address the reasons, that led to closure of the border.”
The Prime Minister reiterated that lasting peace was vital in Afghanistan for the peace and security of Paksitan.
In this regard, he reiterated his resolve that Pakistan would continue its cooperation with Afghanistan for the elimination of terrorism.