PM of hearts of the people going home through GT Road

Islamabad, Aug 07 (APP): Minister of state for Information, Broadcasting
and National Heritage, Marriyum Aurangzeb talking to a Private TV Channel here today said that the Prime Minister of the hearts of the people was going home through GT Road on the demand of the workers and members of the parliament and it was absolutely wrong to say that it was a ploy to put pressure on the state institutions.
She said that how could a man who had struggled for the restoration and
independence of the institutions even think of adopting such tactics?.
As against this, she said, Imran Khan had attacked the parliament, PTV
and the Prime Minister House. Refuting reports by some TV channels that Nawaz Sharif had a change of plan and was now going to Lahore through Motor Way, she remarked that the media should report in a responsible manner.
The minister said that Nawaz Sharif had always respected and upheld the
law and constitution and therefore had presented himself and three generations of his family for accountability notwithstanding the fact that he could have claimed immunity available to him under the constitution.
Had he intended to pressurize the state institutions he would not have
presented himself and his family for accountability, she added.
The MOS said that even the reservations about JIT were presented before
the SC in a legal and constitutional manner. Marriyum said that Nawaz Sharif was thrice elected Prime Minister by the people of Pakistan and his style of politics was unlike Imran Khan who was doing politics on everything.
Marriyum said that not a single case of corruption had been unearthed
against Nawaz Sharif. She said that when after 2013 elections Muslim League formed government, the country was confronted with myriad of challenges and the biggest challenge was the burgeoning terrorism. The people had to endure 18-19 hours load shedding and Pakistan was on the verge of becoming bandrupt.
The minister regretted the fact that during the last few days people
were doing politics on an issue related to a women which was unacceptable as it indicated the moral degradation of the society.
She demanded inquiry into the episode at an appropriate and authentic
forum to clear the haze. Mariyum said that Gulai Lai must get justice and Imran should also be afforded an opportunity to clarify his position. She said that only those rejected the committees who had something to hide and feared the consequences.
The minister dismissed the notion that Muslim League had given any call
to its workers and said that there was no truth in such reports and those rumours had been churned out by the opponents of the PML(N) while sitting in a Palace in Bani Gala. She said that when Nawaz Sharif was coming to Islamabad from Murree the workers accorded him tumultuous welcome at Bara Kahu out of love and attachment that they had with Nawaz Sharif adding that it was spontaneous and unprecedented.