PM Nawaz Sharif to stay: Abid Sher Ali

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ISLAMABAD, July 17 (APP): State Minister for Water and Power
Abid Sher Ali Monday said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will stay in
power and continue running the government affairs.
“Nawaz is to stay in power and continue journey of
Pakistan’s development,” he said, talking to media outside the
Supreme Court.
The minister said, the JIT report carries no weight and it
has based its report on certain evidences that are beyond facts.
He criticized Sheikh Rashid’s political career, highlighting
his role as Nawaz Sharif’s aide before the regime of military
dictator Pervez Musharraf. “Wrong counselling of such leaders had
resulted in 1999 fiasco.”
“God willing the apex court will decide the case on merit
and not on Imran Khan’s wishes,” he said, adding that despite
whatever happened “we respect the honorable judges”.