PM Nawaz for accord among Islamic countries to eliminate terrorim

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By Shahid Saleem Khan

MADINA MUNAWWARAH, May 22 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Monday called for an accord among the Islamic countries to eliminate the menace of terrorism, that was affecting the world peace.
“With a financial cost of around US$ 120 billion and thousands of precious human lives, Pakistan has suffered a lot due to this scourge,” the Prime Minister said in an informal interaction with media persons accompanying him during his three-day visit to Saudi Arabia.
He said as the Western world was uniting against terrorism, the Muslim
world should also be on the same page to tackle this threat.
The Prime Minister, who was in the Kingdom to attend the first ever Arab Islamic American Summit on terrorism at the invitation of King Salman Bin Abdulaziz, said Pakistan owing to its war against terrorism had curbed this menace to the large extent.
Afghanistan should also wage a war against terrorism, he added.
To a question about his interaction with US President Donald Trump during the Summit, the Prime Minister said, “It was a good meeting”.
During the Summit, the Prime Minister added, he had an interaction with some other leaders as well.