PM Modi faces criticism after following offensive tweet against slain Indian journalist



WASHINGTON, Sept.9 (APP): India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is facing criticism after following an offensive tweet against a female journalist who publically criticized the ruling BJP Party and its Hindu agenda and was gunned down this week in what is seen as an execution-style assassination.
Gauri Lankesh is at least the fourth anti-establishment activists who was killed Tuesday when unidentified assailants showered bullets on her as she stepped out of her house. Many suspect the backers of the governing party behind the killing, the New York Times reports said.
Criticism surfaced when it was discovered that Mr. Modi was following the tweeter feed of a man who earlier this week tweeted on the death of the journalist: “One bitch dies a dog’s death all the puppies cry in the same tune.”
According to the report, many Indians criticized the Prime Minister for following the tweets of the man identified as Nikhil Dadhich, who called himself a “Hindu nationalist.”
Many analysts say Lankesh’s killing was an assassination as she criticized many politicians and religious leaders and was silence in a similar fashion other critics of the Hindu nationalist agenda have been silenced.
“Whom you follow on Twitter is considered an indicator of your tastes, and a handful of the accounts in his registry have drawn sharp criticism, especially now,” the report said referring to the accounts Mr. Modi tracks.
The BJP party, the report said, was frequently being accused of operating bloggers who quickly “swarm online anyone seen as critical of the party.”
“Some of the accounts Mr. Modi follows on Twitter have made misogynistic comments, spread anti-Muslim feelings and dangerous rumors, or made remarks that do not always jibe with his message of tolerance. One account he follows suggested dropping an atomic bomb on Pakistan,” the report said.