PM lauds Senate role to guard federation’s rights

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ISLAMABAD, Aug 6 (APP): Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan
Abbasi Sunday said that Senate was an integral part of the
Parliament of Pakistan and its role in legislative framework
of the country by effectively guarding the rights of the
federating units was highly praiseworthy.
In his message to the nation on the 45th Foundation Day
of the Senate of Pakistan being observed on the day, the prime
minister extended his heartiest felicitations to the people of
He said Pakistan being a federal state would flourish
more when federating units had better representation at the
federal level.
Premier Abbasi said the representation was well achieved
in the House of Federation where all units had equal
representation in terms of number and hence had more
protection of their interests and rights.
“The Senate of Pakistan, I am hopeful, will continue to
play its due role to protect and preserve the rights of the
federating units according to the true spirit of the
federation,” the prime minister added.