PM has zero tolerance for undignified rhetoric against constitutional institutions: Marriyum

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ISLAMABAD, May 31 (APP): Minister of State for Information,
Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb talking to
news channels on Thursday, said that Prime Minister Nawaz
Sharif had zero tolerance for undignified rhetoric against
constitutional institutions and had taken action against Senator
Nehal Hashmi for his statement which was not only inappropriate
but also unfortunate.
She said that the government had invariably shown its
commitment to across the board accountability and the prime
minister himself wrote a letter to the Supreme Court for the
formation of the judicial commission on the Panama Papers issue,
which was manifestation of the fact that he had unflinching trust
in the superior judiciary.
Moreover, she said, the prime minister and his family members
were fully cooperating in the investigation of the case as they
believed in the supremacy of law and the constitution.
Creation of misunderstanding among the institutions would not
be in the national interest, she added.
Responding to a question, she reiterated that every member of
the Sharif family would appear before the joint investigation team
if summoned.
She said that the PML-N would not take any step that could
hinder the process of investigation by the JIT.
Explaining the turn of events, she said that Hussain Nawaz
had filed an application before the Supreme Court regarding his
reservations about two members of the JIT as during the course of
questioning of Tariq Shafi, their attitude was not appropriate.
The behaviour of Amer Aziz, a member of JIT, was also not impartial,
she added.
To a question, she said, no reaction was coming against the
JIT, adding, Hussain Nawaz had said that he would appear before
the JIT whenever he was called.
The minister of state said that prime minister could claim
immunity, but he did not opt for it. She strongly repudiated
the notion about the PML-N boycotting the JIT.
She said that the PM and his family had been assisting the
Supreme Court for the last 15 months and despite reservations,
the Sharif family was also cooperating with the JIT.
The MOS said that the prime minister never compromised on the
respect of the national institutions.
Responding to a question about the statement, she said sometimes
the workers of the PML-N got carried away due to their emotional
attachment with the party leadership.