PM greets Hindu community on Diwali


ISLAMABAD, Oct 29 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has extended his warm greetings to all members of the Hindu community living in Pakistan and around the world on the occasion of Diwali to be celebrated on Sunday.

In his message, the prime minister said Diwali was the festival of lights and an occasion to celebrate. This day signified salvation of the righteous; the triumph of light over darkness. But, this day was also a time for reflection.

The time when all should remember that there were other less fortunate people who needed attention.

“On this occasion, we need to reinforce feelings of togetherness and service for less fortunate. This day reminds us all that we should commit ourselves to help those who are in distress and require our help,” he remarked.

The prime minister paid tribute to the valuable services rendered by the vibrant members of Hindu community of Pakistan in the socio-economic and political spheres of the country.

He viewed that the diversity of faiths was a source of strength for the country.

He said he felt immensely happy and satisfied to see the members of Hindu and other minority communities serving Pakistan shoulder to shoulder with their Muslim brethren.

The Father of the Nation unequivocally declared a policy of equality, freedom and security for all the communities living in Pakistan irrespective of their religion, profession and ethnicity, he added.

The prime minister reiterated that his government was committed to ensure that all the communities in Pakistan enjoyed equal rights irrespective of their beliefs.

“May this festival of lights bring peace and prosperity in your lives and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood among the people of different faiths in our country,” he added.