PM emphasizes efforts for country’s prosperity setting aside all prejudices

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ISLAMABAD, Sep 2 (APP): Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan
Abbasi has said that amid the country facing terrorism and
extremist mindset, it was need of the hour to work for the
country’s prosperity, putting aside all regional, ethnic
and racial prejudices and hatred.
In his message to the nation on the occasion of Eid-ul-
Azha, the prime minister greeted his countrymen and said
practising the teachings of sacrifice, brotherhood, peace
and love was required today more than ever.
He prayed to Allah Almighty to bless people with
such joyous occasions repeatedly in their lives.
He said “Eid-ul-Azha reminds us the obedience of Holy
Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be Upon Him) and submission of Prophet
Ismail (PBUH) and Allah Almighty loved this act to the extent
of obligating it as worship for the Muslims till the day of
Prime Minister Shahid Abbasi said the spirit of sacrifice
was of universal importance and no nation can achieve moral
excellence without inculcating the very spirit in their lives
as it was meant to sacrifice one’s desires for high principles.
He viewed that this spirit also gives the doer the capacity
and courage to show courage and patience in the hour of distress.
Only the nations having such characteristics can achieve
prosperity respectfully and collectively, he added.
The prime minister also advised the countrymen not to
forget their Kashmiri brethren while celebrating Eid who had
been spending their festivals under oppression for the last
several decades.
He also called for prayers for an end to the sufferings
of the Kashmiri people and hoped that their distressful
journey would get over very soon when they would get freedom.
The prime minister also reiterated that Pakistan would
continue extending moral, political and diplomatic support to
the people of Kashmir at every forum till they get their right
to self-determination.
He also prayed to Allah Almighty to grant us the real
joys of Eid and practise in our lives the real spirit of